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Reclaimed Maple Parquet Flooring Glue On Face

£25.00 + VAT

Reclaimed Maple Parquet Flooring

(Glue on face) will require extra sanding.

You can see 3 blocks that we’ve sanded in the photos to show the true colour once you’ve sanded the product.

Discounted Price
£25 + VAT m2 (£30)

Approximate block measurements:
223mm x 72mm x thickness 25mm

(Block size & Thickness could vary slightly throughout the batch)

Stock: 73m2 remaining.
Before buying parquet we recommend you view in person or request a sample.

The blocks will require preparation prior to laying, in addition the floor will need sanding & finished after completion of block laying.

There is a layer of bitumen on the bases however most professional adhesives now available will fuse with the bitumen and stick successfully without the necessity of removal.

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