Installation Advice

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On delivery of your order, it is deemed acceptable to have a total of 5% of minor damage such as edge chipping due to the process of packing and unpacking, when checking your stone - it is common practice to use these tiles for cuts when installing natural stone tiles.

Careful handling of the stone is important, we recommend that tiles should always be stacked and stored vertically (on edge) but not on a hard surface as this can cause additional edge chipping.

Colour variations are a feature of natural stone, and should be viewed as such. Variations can exist in colour, crystalline composition, veining, fossil deposits and mineral activity.

Natural stone tiles have varying industry standards for size tolerances and can vary from stone to stone and size to size. The tolerance can range from 1-5mm dependent on the product and size. An accomplished natural stone tiler will ensure tiles are spaced correctly.

When installing stone, dry laying and blending from crate to crate are important and often critical. It is advised to use quality fixing products for your installation.

Sealing your stone is recommended, always ensure that your natural stone is completely dry before sealing. Please note that sealing is not fail-safe; some degradation may still occur and different sealing products can change the final finish colour of the stone.

IMPORTANT: make sure your tiler complies with British Standards BS 5385.

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